Skills and Interest Form

Skills and Interests Form

Together, we can do a world of good.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our member skills and interest form. Please fill out the following questions - it should only take about 5 minutes! Afterwards click the submit button and that's it.


This form is a two-fold effort -

1.) Filling this out does not mean you are committing yourself to anything right now! Our goal is simply to understand your skills and interests so, in the future, we can offer you club service opportunities that you will find meaningful and rewarding!

2.) At times, our club may be called upon to participate in a community-wide effort and as club members we need to support our community. This form will allow us to reach out to those who may have experience or expertise in the needed area and offer an opportunity to both represent our club and to serve our community!

Thank you in advance for your time!

BONS Executive Committee

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1)   * First & Last Name(s):

John Smith, Fred & Wilma Flintstone, Barney & Betty Rubble + Bam Bam
2)   * Email address:

3)   * How did you hear about Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah (BONS)?

  I/we know someone in BONS
  I/we attended a community outreach event sponsored/hosted by BONS
  I/we attended a community event
  I/we attended a BONS speaker presentation
  Suggested by a friend
4)   * Have you been a member of another bee club?:

Yes No
5)   If you answered yes to the previous question please answer question #5. (If you answered no to question #4 please move on to question #7):

Hometown Beekeepers, any town USA
6)   What service positions did you hold?

I/we served as the vice president of the club or I/we served on a committee
7)   * Do you have any beekeeping experience?

  I/we want to take beekeeping classes
  I/we have taken beginners' beekeeping classes
  1 - 2 years
  2 - 4 years
  4 years and up
  I/we have been a beekeeping instructor(s)
8)   Interests: - I/we would describe myself/ourselves as (check all that apply)

  A good meet and greet person for BONS events
  A good people person
  I/we work well with children (presentations)
  I/we work well with teenagers (instruction and presentations)
  I/we work well with adults/seniors (instruction and presentations)
  I/we work well behind the scene
9)   Skill set(s): (please check all of the following skills/and experiences you have)

  Wood working
  Electric Fencing
  Monitoring Hives
  Treating Hives and Bees for Disease and Pests
  Computer Skills
  Article Writing/Newspaper
  Organizing events (pot luck meals, phone calls, etc.)
10)   I/we would prefer: (check all that applies)

  To work from home on my/our own time
  To work independently
  To assist other members on projects
  To lead or coordinate a project
11)   Availability: - Emergency Assist!


Regarding: Bee swarm recoveries:
12)   * I/we have appreciated the survey . . .

  Thank you for the opportunity but I/we have limited time and am unavailable at this time
  Thank you for the opportunity and I/we have completed the form
  Thank you for these opportunities. I/we have the desire to help but not much experience!