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04/25/21 09:48 PM #6    

Marianne & Mark Thomas(*)

Yesterday, 4/24, a swarm arrived on the garden fence post. I contacted our wonderful friend and neighbor, the Swarm Queen, aka Denise Vowell, to let her know that I had a swarm and that I was going to attempt to capture them. Denise and her daughter (visiting with her two sons) arrived to assist. We managed to get the main part of the swarm into a hive (two eight frame boxes). It did take a couple of more hours to transfer most of the girls from the fence into the hive. The rain arrived and I had to discontinue the process. Today, the bees left the hive and returned to the fence post. Arrrrgh!!!! My husband and I managed to recapture the girls and return them to the hive. Denise provide coaching for us (so grateful)!! At this point the girls are in the hive with some 1:1 syrup  in a  top feeder and a queen excluder at the bottom. I checked on them at 6:30 this eveing and they were very busy in the feeder. A HUGE thanks to Denise Vowell for her guidance, support and lending of woodenward. Also, a thanks to William Johnston for lending a queen excluder. 

05/03/21 04:44 PM #7    


Paul Peters

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06/07/21 07:23 PM #8    

Jerrold Pike

I have about 10 virgin queens if any one is interested in them give me a call 5405390980

06/10/21 07:03 AM #9    

Dane Wence

Anthony- Avery has an online label editor and printing service. I've used it a few times for our honey and duck egg labels with excellent results. You can pick your label size/shape and it will create the label for that size. You can either download the design to print yourself, or they will print and ship it to you. Usually it's at your doorstep in a week flat. I'm pretty sure I have a 10% off coupon floating around I can post when I get home.

We use the 22820- 2"x3-1/3" Oval labels which fit well on both the 1/2lb and 1lb queenline bottles. We tried a few of the materials and found that the films holds up best to a few washings. When they need to be replaced, the film comes off easier than the paper ones, which tend to disintegrate. We get a lot of our bottles back, so if you're not expecting to re-use bottles, the cheaper paper labels would be fine. 

07/01/21 10:29 AM #10    

William Mathews, Jr.

Does anyone have a mated queen they would like to sell? Willam Mathews thanks

07/04/21 06:52 AM #11    


Denise Vowell

Does anyone have a nuc for sale?  Or some bees that are excess to your needs?  Or willing to donate a late swarm?

Sky Meadows State Park finally has its observation hive ready for bees.  I had offered them a free swarm, but the observation hive was not ready for bees while my hive were busy dividing.  If you can help their observation hive education program out, please contact Chief Ranger Vistor Experience Erin Clark at  or at her office number (540-592-3556)


07/08/21 12:27 PM #12    

Steven Sabol


Yellow jackets have recently taken over my bird bath I use for the bees. I don't see my bees at the water anymore.  I hung a yellow jacket trap next to the bird bath but so far no luck trapping any. I am unable to locate the nest on my property. Any suggestions?  Thanks Steven Sabol



07/11/21 06:41 PM #13    


Paul Peters

We can't reach you if your address is incorrect

07/12/21 05:45 PM #14    

Thomas L. Clarke

I would like to buy 5 deep frames of brood and food...and the  nurse bees.  Maybe a 5 frame Nuc, no queen.  though!  Thank you!  Tom  540 664 1715  or



07/29/21 05:36 PM #15    

Anthony Caccavale

I am looking for a mentor for Layens hives. I am having trouble with them cross combing to other frames. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

08/01/21 05:59 PM #16    

Anthony Murray

Hello all, I know this is early in the year to ask but does anyone have any ideas for how to build winter windbreaks? Thank you

08/04/21 09:51 PM #17    

Ron Clevenger


What is everyone selling their honey for this year? I just want to be in line with everyone. Thanks.

08/05/21 01:43 PM #18    

Timo & Shannon Brandstetter

Ron- We sell a pound for $13

08/05/21 09:04 PM #19    

Ron Clevenger


Wondering about honey prices this year. What is everyone charging? 

Ron Clevenger

08/06/21 07:42 AM #20    

Marty & Tom Morrow

Our first harvest this year.  We looked up average prices and found Virginia was a little over $10/ pound.  We sell a pint jar, which hold 1 pound 7 ounces for $17 (includes $2 labor and materials cost) and with comb $19.

08/07/21 01:39 AM #21    


Paul Peters


 1.) Rusty Foltz

2.) Cindy Potter (activity photos)




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08/18/21 04:18 PM #22    

James Stewart

Been fighting off murder hornets, anyobe else having this issue? Killed 3 already, still have scouts harassing the hives.

08/18/21 07:40 PM #23    

Jerrold Pike

These are actually European hornets set bait traps and keep strong hives and they shouldn't be a problem just annoying 

08/18/21 07:40 PM #24    

Jerrold Pike

These are actually European hornets set bait traps and keep strong hives and they shouldn't be a problem just annoying 

08/23/21 07:38 PM #25    


Paul Peters

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08/29/21 06:42 PM #26    

Brian Pedersen(*)

BetterBee sent me the wrong item in a recent order. They didn't ask me to return it so would anyone like a free 35g package of Api-Bioxal Oxalic Acid? If interested, email me at and we can figure out how to get it to you.

08/30/21 02:22 PM #27    

Cynthia Potter (Hendricks)

Yes, Brian. I would like it if it is still available.  thanks, Cindy Potter

09/01/21 09:03 PM #28    

Anthony Murray

I have a couple questions. How many supers should I have for the bees to prepare for Winter? I have 2 on all of them except for one that has 3. My other question is what should I do with the supers while I am treating for Varroa. Thank you

09/02/21 05:45 AM #29    

Dane Wence


I've had pretty good luck overwintering with 2 deep brood boxes and 1 medium super. I'll harvest all extra supers around this time of the year, and cycle any uncapped frames into the single super I leave on the hive. I'll remove the queen excluder and start treating any hives for mites that need it. 

Occasionally I'll have to feed a little in the late winter, but not always. 

09/03/21 05:56 AM #30    

Timo & Shannon Brandstetter

Anthony- it depends what size equipment you use also. We have 8 frame, all mediums. We go into winter with 4  boxes with the top box being 6 frames of honey and a frame feeder. As for any surplus honey, extract it! (If it's natural honey and not sugar water honey) The club has an extractor you can use. If you're not extracting, and you plan to extract that honey next year, you must take the boxes off while you are treating (if treating with Formic acid, you can keep them on). Store honey frames in the freezer if you're not extracting. If you aren't going to extract any and don't plan on it, just leave the honey on the hives- you can use those next year for any splits or give to a hive that may need it.. I'd mite treat ASAP also, august is an important month to do so end of summer when your bee populations are decreasing. 

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