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09/16/19 08:57 PM #1    


Laurie L. Shifflett

European hornet  recipe that I use, equal amounts

Red cider vinegar

Grape jelly


Warm water to dissolve everything.

Adding a banana peel will repel honey bees.

This will attract, yellow jackets, European hornet, and wax moths. 

As it developes it's fruity scent, you know it's working. I have used both milk jugs and open totes. The problem with open totes is when it rains it can dilute the potion.

You need to keep it 2 inches deep.

12/13/20 01:10 AM #2    


Paul Peters


Folks, we have a new librarian, Rick Garfola,
and he needs your assistance. 

BONS Members,

The BONS Library is up and running.  All the books have been cataloged, however, we are missing the following titles:

Beekeeping For Dummies, Howland Blackiston, 2009
Queen Rearing Essentials, Lawrence John Conner, 2009
The Beekeepers Bible, Richard Jones, date unknown
Simple Smart Beekeeping, Kirsten and Michael Traynor, 2015

Please check to see if any of these books might have gotten mixed in with your personal library.  If you have any of the missing books, please email me at and we can set up a time and place to meet. Additionally, we are always looking for books and other beekeeping-related reading material to expand our library. I appreciate all donations.

Remember, the winter time is a great time to do some reading and research.

Thank you for your time. 
Rick Garfola, 
BONS Librarian 

PS. Donations are always welcome

01/11/21 02:16 PM #3    


Paul Peters

BONS Monthly Newsletter

Club newsletters are emailed once a month to all members who have entered their email address while registering for the BONS website. If you have not been receiving a newsletter please contact Paul Peters.
Newsletters are only available through email.

Newsletters (click here) for full index


02/19/21 11:10 PM #4    


Paul Peters


For woodenware or hive parts ordering go to
 BeeShop Ordering Page (click here)



02/28/21 05:20 PM #5    


Paul Peters

BONS NUC Interest Survey

Please take a moment to fill out our quick survey. (click here)

03/04/21 10:16 AM #6    


Paul Peters

Jerrold Pike is purchasing NUCS 

Jerrold is offering help for members interested.  Contact him - Jerrold Pike

April 24 in Maryland from woodcamp farm I believe he’s still has a few left do do know if anyone would like me to pick them up one send me an email.

03/22/21 03:05 PM #7    

Steve Heise

I happen to have 10 pulled deep pages I cannot use and will give to anyone who is interested.

No boxes... just the pulled frames from two hives last year.

Let me know. 540 622-6388

03/26/21 12:30 AM #8    


Paul Peters

HEY Beekeepers, how about some fun?
Doug Koch always adds something of interest - He mentioned that as friends and family learn about his bee keeping hobby bee themed gifts, nick-nacks, trinkets, etc. start showing up for  birthday or holiday gift-gifting.  Well, the Peters family has experienced that fun loving gift-giving trend. Below is a small collection that Jill has received over the last year.
OH! I forgot, all the new bee socks that have filled her sock drawer!           

Now it's your turn! Share some of your bee related gifts on our Message Forum. Life is too short not to enjoy!
Paul & Jill Peters

We showed you our unique gifts now, show us yours!


04/04/21 10:38 PM #9    


Paul Peters

More Dribble from the Drone -  April 2021

For various reasons I am late opening up my hives to see who made it through the winter. The first one I opened was a deadout, presumably starved as dead bees were in a small cluster trying in vain to make enough heat to continue. Of course, the problem here could also have been absence of a queen. On the brighter side, there are 7 more hives with plenty of activity on warm days. 

This month’s speaker is going to be speaking, I hope, about some research that she did at the Virginia Tech Research Center, outside of Winchester. Rusty Foltz and I assisted a little by taking videos of bees returning from foraging laden with pollen.   

April 2021 ZOOM Educational Meeting

DUE to timing issues the following times have been adjusted

Thursday, April 8, 2021 -
Member's open discussion time: 6:30 - 7:00 pm 6:45 pm -  Join in and chat away!
Guest Speaker Time 7:00 pm  6:45 pm
Speaker: Dr. Maggie Couvillon (VA Tech Entomologist)
Topic: Honey Bee foraging and the waggle dance
Click this ZOOM Invitation


Packages of bees- For those of you who have ordered packages, they should be arriving around April 25. As we get closer to delivery, we will let you know the exact date and time.

Our bee wrangler, Kelly Hoynoski, has been able to increase the size of our order and there are now 6 packages available for purchase on the website. When those are gone there won’t be more until next year.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who came out for Woodenware Day to teach hive building, hand out woodenware and generally hang out.

Speaking of volunteers ………….. Every year BONS puts up a booth at the Blandy May Garden Fair, where the main event is a large Mother's Day plant sale. At our booth, members can sell honey or beeswax products (candles, chunks, etc.). Since public education about bees is one of our club missions, we also talk to the public about bees and beekeeping. It would be nice if we could make a good showing. There are visual aids so beginning or first year keepers can help. You don’t have to remember the whole life cycle of the 3 castes of bees. It is never too early to volunteer to help out at the BONS’ booth. People usually sign up for a 3-4 hr. period. Parking is free if you are working at the booth


Changes and additions to our April 2021 Dribble -

Members -

The first correction is that our speaker will be beginning her talk at 6:45 PM, Thursday April 8th. 

The second correcton is that this year's Garden Fair, previously held at Blandy Research Farm, will be held at the Clarke County Fairgrounds. 

  • For directions: Click here   
    Address: Clarke County Ruritan Fairgrounds - 890 W Main St, Berryville, VA 22611

I have been known to be a not very good proof reader. The link to signing up for volunteering for the BONS booth at the Garden Fair is this - 

Thanks for your tolerance,



04/07/21 08:41 AM #10    

Doug & Lee Bowen

Swarm in Front Royal yesterday morning

04/08/21 12:32 PM #11    


Karla Eisen

Help Needed!

Kerry Barnhart posted this on the VSBA inbox. Please respond to her at 610-389-0731

"My husband needs to move his bees (two hives)from our current home to our new home about 15 miles from here. Is there someone that can do that for him as a paid service or is there someone that can help him? We live in Linden VA and are moving to Flint Hill VA. Any help or ideas regarding a resource would be so much appreciated"

04/09/21 12:08 AM #12    


Paul Peters

May 2021 ZOOM Educational  Meeting -
May 13, 2021
Member's open discussion time: 6:30 - 7:00 pm - 
Please join in and chat away!
Guest Speaker Time 7:00 pm  
Speaker: Dr. Jim Tew – Bee Culture Magazine 
Topic: Swarms and Swarm Management – An Overview 
ZOOM Invitation:

04/09/21 02:46 PM #13    

Mindi O'Connor

Looking to build out my apiary with two more colonies. Going to try my hand at a split...wish me luck! However, is anyone comes upon a swarm and has no one to take it, I'd be happy to come along with my swarm bucket/catch and collect them 😊I live in Warrenton. Thanks!

04/10/21 02:16 AM #14    


Paul Peters

New Student Field Day -

Hey Seasoned Beekeepers 
Join in and lend a hand*


Date: April 17, 2021 (April 24th rain date)
Location: John Lewis' Apirary 
114 Jeb Drive
Winchester, VA
Time: 11:00 am

  • Event intended for new beekeepers and instructors only

Students, please provide your own:

protective gear  smoker
snacks and drinks folding chair
no children without protetive gear pleaseno pets



* We will observe "distancing" and mask wearing where appropriate. If you would like to help cover some of the topic areas and/or lead inspection groups, please contact me.
The following topics may change, or be added to, but we need folks for the following stations...Using a smoker, Feeding Devices, Bear Fence guidelines, Problems in the beehive, Treatment modalities, and to lead hive inspection groups.
We may show off John's extraction system too. 

Rusty Foltz - Instructor



04/11/21 10:38 PM #15    


Paul Peters



BONS member, Ron Lauck is leaving beekeeping after many years and is selling his beekeeping inventory. His inventory is listed on a web page (click here)  or use this link .
If you're interested please contact him directly.

820 Cattail Road
Winchester, VA 22603


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