Why have a mentor?

Having a beekeeping mentor is great way to further your skills and education as a beekeeper.   Beyond the Beginning Beekeeping classes and regular the club meetings, working with a mentor is important to your growth as a beekeeper.

Where to find a mentor?

The best way to find a mentor is to come to club meetings, and ask around.  Look for someone who lives near you, so you can easily visit each other’s beehives.  Look with someone who has couple years more experience than you have.  Find that connection and ask.  Finding a mentor is worth the effort you’ll put into it.

Becoming a mentor?

If you want to really know beekeeping, consider teaching beekeeping.  Taking on a younger beekeeper helps everyone.  If you have a year or two of experience with bees, you're ready to become a mentor.   

BONS mentors

The following link will redirect BONS members to qualified club mentors.  BONS mentors are intended for members only.   BONS MENTOR LINK