July 2021 Dribble

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July 2021


We have had and will have a couple of great events. First, this Saturday, July 10, we will be having our annual picnic in Jim Barnett Park, in Winchester. The details are here:

The other event which happened several weeks ago was our Gadget Day. Held out in the fresh air under a cloudy sky at Blandy a group of us got together and shared the latest things that we had found or developed on our own. These included a method for placing a swarm trap high in a tyree without climbing, using a pulley, a rock and lots of rope. (Denise); a light box for scaring wax moths away from stored comb (Tim); anti-robbing screens and neck fans for some AC inside your suit (Laurie); a swarm trap baited with queen pheromone from deceased queens and a modification of a queen rearing frame that gives better access to the cups (Dane); a winter feeder with cedar chips and stainless steel screen so you could check if more food was needed (Dennis) ; a solar wax melter for retireving wax from old or damaged frames (Bruce). The highlight of the evening was that the rain started only after we had finished! 

Keep your smokers lit, your suit zipped up and water supply full. Water for both you and the bees.