September 2020 Dribble

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It looks very much like the seasons are turning. I don't see too many leaves changing colors but this morning it was 37 degrees at my house! They should start changing now. No one was flying out in this cold. 

Most of my hives have sufficient stores and brood to make it through the winter ( I hope). Feeding 2:1 syrup is on the agenda for those hives that are short on honey-packed frames. If I notice that the brood poor hives are not improiving in numbers, I'll probably move those bees ( minus their queen) into another strong hive. No point in letting bees go to waste. 

Did you get some honey off your colonies this summer? Several folks I know got 10-30 frames and did it on a hot day which helps the honey flow better. If you are still considering this, do it only on a really hot day. (>80-85F). If you want access to the clubs extractors, check part way down the Homepage for Doug Morris' contact info. He is the extraction guru.

We have had several outstanding speakers this summer. If you missed the live Zoom presentations, we have recorded them for you to watch at your leisure I particularly reccommend Zack Lamas' and Phil Craft talks. Both guys shared their beekeeping wisdom generously.

In our effort to provide you with more educational material we are including a few links for your browsing: 

Another "Beekeepers Year" annual schedule

Members’ Beecation photos: Have any staycation or vacation photos with bees? Share with club members! Submit them, click here or to view, click here. 

Also, the Homepage has changed a bit. Check it out. 

Let's hope that the winter winds are mild and the few varroa that we missed starve (a bit unlikely, I admit).

Bruce Bryant, Prez