Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Integrated Pest Management  (Jennifer King - July 2020 - Members Only)

Winter Prep Begins Midsummer  (Zach Lamas - August 2020 - Members Only)

Why We Should Treat and Our Options    (Phil Craft - September 2020 - Members Only)

October ZOOM Educational Presentation (event hosted by VSBA - no recording)

BeeCheck website, the link between beekeepers and agricultural spray applications (Bob Walters - November 2020 - Members Only)

 Sustainability, NUC Production, and Mentoring Ideas (Pam Fisher - December 2020 - Members Only)

Apiary inspection, certification, and travel certificates for transporting bees across state lines (Amanda Bly , VA State Regional Apiary  Inspector - January 2021 - Members Only)

Splitting Hives and NUC Production 
(Paul Kelly, University of Guelph (Canada), February 2021 - Members Only)

Colony Management
Join Emma Mullen for a half hour in the Dyce Lab apiary, where she demonstrates and discusses three common summer beekeeping practices: swarm control, adding supers, and monitoring Varroa.

Educational Videos & Links #1 
How to install page bees, Swarm catching, etc.

Educational Videos & Links #2
Making baggie feeders, Mason jar feeders, Finding your queen, Queenless hive

Educational Videos & Links #3
Spring swarm management

Swarm Techniques & Tips
Catching a wild swarm

Hive Inspections
Learn how to perform a spring hive inspection

Summer Hive Inspections with BONS club member, John Lewis
John Lewis walks us through his bee yard doing summer hive inspections - video with narration