The Hive and the . . . Dadant

The Hive and the Honey Bee

by Maurice George Dadant, C.P. Dadant, J.C. Dadant
63-15838          (1975)


This description may be from another edition of this product. In light of the dwindling honey bee population, this century-old guide is more relevant than ever. Written by the scion of a celebrated family of beekeepers that continues to operate today, the richly illustrated volume is the perfect companion for beginning beekeepers as well as those with a casual interest in bees. Reader-friendly information ranges from background on bee anatomy and the social structure of bee communities to different types of hives and how they function, honey production, wintertime beekeeping, and other practical matters. Author Camille Pierre Dadant was the son of Charles Dadant, one of the fathers of modern beekeeping techniques, inventor of the Dadant beehive, and founder of one of the first beekeeping equipment manufacturers. The business is still extant and run by the family, as is their publication, American Bee Journal. The old-fashioned charm of Dadant's narrative rests upon a solid foundation of timeless scientific knowledge, complemented by many informative drawings and photographs.