The ABC and XYZ of Bee . . .

The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture:
An Encyclopedia of Beekeeping - 40th Edition

by Roger Morse


ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture is a comprehensive resource guide for beekeepers at any skill level. ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture is organized like an encyclopedia of beekeeping. Topics are listed in alphabetical order and cover virtually every topic related to beekeeping. ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture is a must have for any beekeeper. ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture comes in hardcover with 516 pages, glossary, and index. I have been intrigued by the bee behavior detailed in this book - such as reproductive tendencies (Cape Bees are known for developing queens parthenogenetically) and social behavior (Swarming or working together to ventilate a hive). It has also been good to learn about historical beekeeping practices such as how we came to use a 10 frame hive (Langstroth, 1852) and who came up with the smoker (Moses Quinby, 1875). Of course, how smoke works on bees in the first place is another aspect altogether. There is much to learn here and I am still reading.