Queen Rearing Essentials

Queen Rearing Essentials
Lawrence John Connor

This 160-page book contains a wealth of knowledge useful for the hobbyist and commercial queen breeders. The concepts are basic, the photographs "astounding", and the book comes "Highly Recommended" by reviewers. If you save the cost of one queen, you have paid for the book and learned a great deal about bees and queens.

By Larry Connor



Decent book, short you can read it in the amount of time that it takes to read a magazine. He gives one method, explains it well, and adds lots of pictures. He refers to his other books for other aspects of queen rearing. The author then gives a case study of large queen breeder that uses an entirely different method than discussed in the book.

Photos were given of grafting but without a video the method should at least be explained via an illustration of the steps.
Tools for grafting were discussed in general with the phrase that ‘you could make your own with…’ but without any instructions, shapes or pointers.
I think in the age of the internet I was expecting a deeper dive into the details of queen rearing. Pictures and a short explanation of the steps is a short video, not book worthy.
Would I recommend this to somebody who has not grafted before? No.
Would I recommend this to somebody doing back yard queen rearing? No.
I love Mr. Connors work and found this to be a disappointment. Had to give it 2 stars for OK