Presenting the joy of beekeeping -

Introducing the Joy of Beekeeping to Our Winchester Area Youth
Presentation by Tim Riggleman


Hello  I wanted to tell you of two wonderful opportunities I’ve had last week and this in providing Beekeeping talks to local children. Last week I spoke to 60 children at my church’s Vacation Bible School, and today at Quarles Elementary in Winchester. As some of you saw two meetings ago I built a one frame portable display hive. Each morning I went to one of my hives and pulled a frame of approximately 500 bees building out comb. I placed them in the display and screwed down the lid. I have ventilation top and bottom and installed two pieces of natural sponge soaked in 1:1 sugar syrup. My girls have done great on both occasions. Today I also took my display to Solenberger’s Hardware. I have known John my whole life and Patti for many years as well. They and their customers were excited to see the bees. Here are a few pictures from my visits. I’ve had a great time teaching the children especially.  Hope you enjoy the pictures