October 2020 Dribble

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More Dribble from the Drone

This month’s Dribble is mostly about a change in speakers for Thursdays Zoom meeting. Our scheduled speaker, Pam Fisher,  as well as several of us noticed that Dr. Samuel Ramsey will be speaking at the same time as our meeting. We all felt that this is something you won’t want to miss. Dr. Ramsey is the research scientist who discovered that varroa don’t suck bee blood, the accepted wisdom of how varroa hurt bee colonies. Instead they latch onto the abdomen of bees and suck out fat from the fat body which is a very important energy store for the bees. Several of us saw him speak at a recent EAS meeting and found him to be a fascinating speaker.

A link to the Zoom presentation of his talk is found on the homepage of VSBA, Virginia State Beekeepers Association,  https://www.virginiabeekeepers.org/. On the home page you will also find his biography. If you want to go straight to his talk this is the link, 


I encourage you to take this opportunity to hear him. I have been trying for a year to get him to come to BONS to give a talk on his discovery but his schedule has made it impossible.


Local beekeeping: It is beginning to get cold and that is the time when small rodents like to move into beehives for the warmth it affords them. You might consider using your entrance reducers to stymie their efforts. Mouse nests ruin comb and I believe that the mice consume honey right from their doorstep, the comb.

I have started feeding 2:1 sugar syrup to my hives to make sure they have more than enough stores for the winter.

Stay safe and stay warm.

Bruce Bryant