November 2020 Dribble


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More Dribble from the Drone- November 2020

The good news: The new bylaws are done and posted on the Website             )

More Dribble from the Drone- November 2020

The good news: The new bylaws are done and posted on the Website             )

The better news: Because we are not having the full club experience of in-person meetings and are spending less on speakers and picnics, the Board has decided to suspend dues for 2021.

The bad news: none.

Except on the coldest of days recently, my girls are out and about. It is supposed to be quite warm for the next few days so if you haven’t opened your hives for a week or two, now is your chance. A reminder that we have on the Website is a monthly-by-month list of what we should be doing with our bees:

We conducted a survey of how the Club and Website are functioning and the results are in. Basically, we are doing OK in your eyes although there are a few rough spots that we will address as we have time. If you would like to see the results go to:  Survey Responses

In addition, there is now a “suggestion box” on the home page and at:

Would you like (free for a while) access to the Bee Culture magazine?. This link will get you in and you can explore:   . Go to the bottom of the home page and you can go back and forward in time. Below the title you can choose different subjects: Resources, Categories, Store, which are other gateways into the magazine.

Our Unsung Hero.   Every month we hold up one of our members who makes significant contributions to the running of the Club. Terry Karlson is our hero this month. She is a former beekeeper and club member and has been helping us get our name out by writing very informative event notices in the Star.  She keeps BONS in the news!

This month’s Zoom speaker, Bob Walters, will be describing a free program that tries to coordinate pesticide applications with beekeepers to avoid conflict. Several of our members participate in the program. Our Zoom meeting is Nov 12 at 7:00PM. The Zoom link is: 

Nov 12 BONS Educational Zoom Meeting

After the talk and questions for Mr. Walters, we will again hold small group discussions in break-out rooms to chat about bees or anything else for that matter.

Here's to kicking out the varroa,

The Drone