Mouse Guards

What is it and why do I need it?

Mouse guards, like the one pictured is a simple piece of equipment placed over the entrance of the hive that prevents mice from entering the hive while still allowing the bees to come and go freely. Typically, they’re made of metal so mice can’t chew through them. You can purchase them from most beekeeping supply stores, or you can do what I do and do-it-yourself.

(Below is a typical commercially produced mouse entrance guard) 






When should you put the mouse guard on your hives?

I install my mouse guard as soon as the weather begins to cool down in September. Generally, about the time we begin preparing for winter rodents begin to think about finding a place to call home for the winter.

Get buzzing and do it!
Whether you choose to purchase your mouse guard from a beekeeping supplier or prefer the do it yourself mouse guards, the important thing is that you make the time to get this equipment on before the mice move in. Like so many other instances in beekeeping, it’s all about timing.


Thanks to Doug Koch for reminding us to add our rodent protection!