A Mothers Note of Appreciation to BONS

This letter (email) of appreciation came from a mother after her daughter had viewed the BONS website. The daughter used some of our educational material and resources to aid in her assigned project.

In response the club responded.with good wishes.


Good Afternoon!

My name is Katherine and aside from being a nutritionist, I am a mom to my awesome daughter, Sarah. I hope this email finds you well and maybe even brightens up your day a bit!

Sarah is in fifth grade this year and was recently assigned a project to write a project on pollination for her Science class (she decided to focus on bees). Sarah loves to learn about new things, and she was very excited to start researching at home and I was excited to help! While we were researching together, we came across the BONS educational videos and links page.

I wanted to reach out to thank you because this page led Sarah to some great findings for her project and I am so glad that we found it! She had actually decided to dedicate a section of her paper to bee-keeping after finding your page.

Sarah did some of her own research too and found an article about why bees and pollination are so important, and it is awesome! There are also some additional resources at the bottom that led her to even more information. Sarah knew that I would be sending you this email and asked me to share this article with you. She told me that she thinks it would be a great resource to add on to the educational videos and links page (or anywhere else that you may see fit), and I definitely agree! It is so neat to see Sarah so passionate about this article and it brings me joy to see that she was compelled to share it with others.


Please feel free to email me back with your thoughts and if you do happen to share this article on to the educational videos and links page. I would love to show Sarah that sharing resourceful information can be appreciated and help others. I also know that it would put a big smile on her face :)

Thank you again and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend,