May 2021 Dribble





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MAY 2021

Dear Fellow Beekeepers,

This last couple of weeks has certainly signaled the beginning of swarming season. Many have been reported to our website and some have been caught by our members (FREE BEES!). While mowing I passed under one of my peach trees and low and behold a pretty dense cluster hanging from a branch that I could actually get to. Many swarms are situated 15-30ft. Since I don't bounce, I leave those swarms to other people.  

I suspect that this is one of my hives that swarmed and I rushed together another hive for them and peaceably transferred them. Last year I caught a swarm that was one of my hives, installed it in a different hive/different location and I still have them. I hope this second one finds the home I gave them satisfactory.

This month’s speaker is Dr. James Tew who has been keeping bees for nearly 50 years and has been teaching beekeeping for not quite as long as that but quite a while. He is well known not only as an authority on beekeeping but he is also a well known story teller.

For those of you would like a bit of introductory reading for our May  speaker check this out.

As usual, but not forever we hope, our speaker will come to us through Zoom. Sign on early if you have anything to chat about or questions to ask. Remember, no question is a stupid question.

May 2021 ZOOM Educational  Meeting -
May 13, 2021
Member's open discussion time: 6:30 - 7:00 pm -  Join in and chat away!
Guest Speaker Time 7:00 pm  
Speaker: Dr. Jim Tew – Bee Culture Magazine 
Topic: Swarms and Swarm Management – An Overview 
ZOOM Invitation:

The Blandy Research Farm has opened up to the extent that we can meet outdoors. Therefore, we have scheduled a Gadget/Invention Day for June 10. In the past at Gadget Day members bring in gadgets, like new feeders, swarm boxes, solar wax melters and other things that make beekeeping easier. We also encourage folks to bring in new tools that they have found that may not have reached the general market. By June 10, the evenings will be longer and hopefully warmer. 6:00PM is our tentative start time. If many people want to come but can’t get there by 6:30 we can change to 7:00PM. Let me know if that is you.


Keep your smokers lit,

Bruce Bryant