March 2021 Dribble

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MARCH 2021


More Dribble from the Drone -  

The few warm days we’ve had have certainly stirred up my bees. They were out in force mobbing the pollen feeders that I had put out in the morning and during the course of several hours they consumed several full cups of pollen substitute. Let’s hope they are not starved for protein but rather just storing it up for cold, rainy days or turning it into strong and plentiful brood.

A few practical details:

Packages delayed- Because of colder than normal weather down in Georgia this winter/spring, the supplier has delayed the production and delivery of the packages of bees that you are ordering. The approximate arrival date is now April 25. As we get closer to delivery we will let you know the exact date and time.

Volunteers for Woodenware Day- We still need a few frame and super-building teachers, traffic director/receptionist, etc, etc for March 14.  Please help us have WWDay run smoothly. Click here to sign up.


March 11 BONS Educational meeting

This month’s Zoom speaker on March 11 is Kamon Reynolds. He will be speaking about queen grafting and rearing for building nucs and producing local queens. The Zoom link is: Click here Come at 6:30 PM for a general chat. His talk will start at 7:00PM.

New video

In case you missed Paul Kelly’s fantastic talk on making nucs and splits, we have recorded it and it is available for viewing. Click here

NUC Group

We are planning a hands-on educational opportunity centered on making splits and nucs. If you are interested in getting more information about this please take our survey here: (click here)