June 2021 Dribble





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JUNE 2021

More Dribble from the Drone- June 2021

Dear Fellow Beekeepers,

The good news is that the swarm I caught last month and installed is doing fine and making brood and comb. The bad news is that while I was working some different hives, a swarm left a hive right at my feet and there was nothing I could do to keep them from settling in a nearby tree branch, taunting me from 25 feet off the ground. Ladder in a pickup truck bed??? No thanks.

Instead of Zoom, how about an in-person meeting??

This month we are going to meet outside at Blandy, to have a Gadget Day, June 10, 7:00PM, showing off all the new and different tools, invented gadgets, new pollen feeders, swarm traps, swarm lures, solar wax melters, etc that we have come up with or found over the last few years. Bring whatever you have because someone there will be inspired, like I was 5 years ago, when I saw a solar wax melter for the first time. Any new tool may make someone’s beekeeping easier. If you have a new method for things such as frame building, bring that along or be prepared to talk a bit about it.

We will circle our pickups and cars in the field on the left, just before the parking lot on the right and the Herb Garden on the left. and then dive into sharing our new things. By June 10, the evenings will be longer and hopefully warmer. 7:00PM is our start time. This ius a rain oir shine event! Dress appropriately. 

I spoke with Blandy this week and found out that they will be opening up certainly by September and possibly by August. When Blandy notifies me that they are open to us, we can start having meetings in person at the Blandy Library.

Are you extracting this summer with the club’s extractor?

 If so, the arrangements have changed a bit. Our dedicated Extractor Guru, Doug Morris, has hurt his shoulder badly enough that he can do absolutely NO lifting or scrubbing. His job title is now Only Manager. That means that you will have to do all the work that would otherwise use his shoulder:  setting up the extractor, handling your frames, washing up the equipment and then packing it all back into its cabinet. Bring help if you can’t wrestle a 60 lb machine around to put it into the extraction tent. You still have to make an appointment with him to meet at the shed at Blandy so that he can provide guidance in the care and use of the equipment.

Doug Morris’ Phone: 540-592-3873        Email: rmfineart@earthlink.net

BONS has a second extractor which we have decided to lend out to members so they can do their extractions at home. Attached is a description of the program (Click here) and what you will need (Click here).

We will have a traditional family-style picnic and this year it will be at the POW/MIA Pavilion in the Jim Barnett Park - 1001 Maple Dr, Winchester. We will provide various types of protein plus grilling chefs and soft drinks. Please plan to bring a side dish or dessert to share. If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, you may bring your own provisions. July 10 is the date, rain or shine,11-3:00PM the time and more details will be arrving soon from the Picnic Committee. 


Tips for what you should be doing at this time during the beekeeping year- Click here.

Keep your foundation out of hot places,

Bruce Bryant,