July/August 2021 Dribble





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More Dribble from the Drone- July+August 2021

Dear Fellow Beekeepers,

Our picnic in July was a tremendous success thanks to all the helpers, food contributions and the general fun loving attitude of those who attended. There was a lot of enthusiastic bee and honey talk as well as door prizes and scrumptious food and desserts. (I’m still trying to find out the recipe for the delicious custard popovers).

Are you ready for an in person real live club meeting? On September 10th we will be meeting face-to-face in the library at Blandy Research Farm. 7:00pm to ~ 8:30 or until the discussion wanes or people start falling asleep. New students should check the website for directions to the library. Our August meeting will be our last (hoping !!!!!) Zoom Education meeting ever! Details will be on the website calendar

To help increase the bee population in Virginia the Virginia Dept of Agriculture is distributing free hives, one per person, (I believe through a lottery system) to interested VA beekeepers. Click here to get to an online application to increase your bee hive holdings.

August 21, 2021 is National Honey Bee Day. Check the website for details.

Do you have honey filled comb that you want to extract this summer? There are 2 options using Club equipment:

The first is using the extractor at Blandy.  Our dedicated Extractor Guru, Doug Morris, has hurt his shoulder badly enough that he can do absolutely NO lifting or scrubbing. His job title is now Only Manager. That means that you will have to do all the work that would otherwise use his shoulder:  setting up the extractor, handling your frames, washing up the equipment and then packing it all back into its cabinet. Bring help if you can’t wrestle a 60 lb machine around to the extraction tent. You still have to make an appointment with him to meet at the shed at Blandy so that he can provide guidance in the care and use of the equipment.

Doug Morris’ Phone: 540-592-3873        Email: rmfineart@earthlink.net

The second option is to use an extractor which we have decided to lend out to members so they can do their extractions at home. Here is a link describing the program. Another very useful link is this document describing the process in detail for home extractions. If you are interested in extracting at home drop Doug Koch a line to make arrangements. Koch.doug@gmail.com

While I'm at it, please take a few minutes and click on some of the info options on the lefthand side of the homepage. There is a wealth of info on the club and beekeeping in general. It can come in handy sometimes. 

Signing off to find a bit of shade for me and my tall cool drink.


Club Prez