July 2020 Dribble

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JULY 2020

More Dribble from the Drone

Greetings from the shade of a tall oak tree next to a lake.

With the high 80s-90s weather you can surely tell that summer is here.  My bees are taking advantage of plentiful nectar and pollen, hoping that I won’t take too much of their winter stores when it gets to extraction time in a month or two. How are your hives doing? Has anyone checked their varroa numbers? Now is the time to find out the varroa load so that you can do something about it if you are plagued by the little buggers. There are several ways of getting an accurate count;  powdered sugar count or an alcohol wash, which is better. A quick and dirty method is a 24 hour mite fall onto a greased mite board. Either way, you should find out and then act. This link will give you some ways of dealing with varroa:


You should have gotten the notice that we will be having a speaker this Thursday evening at 7:00PM. Jennifer King, from Eversweet Apiaries is coming to us via Zoom and will be speaking about Integrated Pest Management, a particularly relevant subject at this point in the bee keeping year. Check the BONS homepage or the email you should have received for details on how to get connected so you can listen and participate in her presentation.

Tired of being trapped at home with the same old people who don't care much about your bees?? Although Virginia is doing better than many states with regard to the prevalence of the COVID19 virus, we are not quite ready to open up and have face-to-face meetings. When we do so will depend on when the Blandy Research Farm opens up. When it happens, it will be nice to see you all and chat about what is going right (or wrong) with our bees.

A few notes:

National Honey Bee Day 2020 August 15 is coming up and Doug Morris is looking for volunteers to help him demonstrate honey extraction at Sky Meadows State Park. You will help with the demo and answer questions for attendees. Please contact him at rmfineart@earthlink.com  for details such as how many frames you can bring to extract.

Kelly Hoynoski has graciously stepped up and into the position of Secretary. Please thank her for her upcoming service. She keeps awesome minutes of executive meetings which we will be posting for your edification.  

Dennis Ridings has our library now at his house. Call if there are books you are interested in. 540-974-1523.

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Until our next  meeting, Zoom or otherwise, I remain your humble prez.

Bruce Bryant