January, 2021 Dribble

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January 2021


More Dribble from the Drone

Welcome to the New Year! I'm glad that it is behind us and I wish everyone a better 2021.

A good friend of mine said that he saw a honeybee out flying around yesterday. He might need glasses or a move to warmer climes that would conform to his reality. I was in full winter gear yesterday.

Besides making new frames, cleaning out old supers and getting in a mindset for the spring beekeeping I don’t have much to say. I refer you to a page on our Website that reviews the month-by-month year of beekeeping.  DO IT NOW   

This Thursday, Jan 14, at 7:00PM ( 6:30 if you want to join a general chat/discussion group) our speaker at the education meeting will be Amanda Bly, the state apiary inspector for our region. She will be speaking about hive inspection and certification, (regulations addressing the sale of honey and bees),   and transporting bees across state lines. The Zoom link is here: CLICK HERE  or copy and paste the text below to your web browser

See you there.

We have an active FaceBook Page, Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah BONS - Home | Facebook , where you can post bee-related pictures or artciles, keep up with other members and ask questions. I can't promise that you will instantaneously get an answer but we'll try. 

If you are unaccustomed to or uncomfortable with using Zoom to attend our meetings, please check out the link explaining how it works. It is at the very bottom of this page: MONTHLY ZOOM MEETINGS, LINKS, & PRESENTATIONS

Zoom is a less than satisfying way of getting together to share our beekeeping successes and woes but with the vaccine arriving soon, we may be able to meet again in person. Stay safe and mask up.

Bruce Bryant