Honey Extraction at Home -

Honey Extraction at your Home; What you need: Edited June 6, 2021


  1. A positive attitude and smiling face as it will probably be hot, hopefully, as honey flows MUCH quicker when it is warm which makes this go quicker. Over 80 degrees outdoor temperatures are preferred.
  2. Dress comfortably.
  3. Your frames of honey should not have any bees on them, I can describe how to make that happen. Do not refrigerate or freeze the honey before you start extracting. Don’t laugh, someone did this once. If you have frozen frames, give them 3 days to come to room temperature of 80 degrees or more.
  4. Hive Tool; cake type pan about 9x13” to let the hot knife rest in; small bowl with water;
  5. A clean cloth or two which will be used to wipe the hot tool often, your STICKY hands and the sticky hive tool.
  6. A tarp helps but is not necessary to put the table and extractor on to catch any drips of honey.
  7. A table to work from with uncapping frames.
  8. One or more 5 gallon buckets. For every full 3-4 frames of capped honey that will give you about 1 gallon of honey if they are full…..that is an estimate. You also do not want to put more than 3-4 gallons of honey in a bucket as the handle can break if too full and heavy. You don’t want to see the honey pour all over the floor or ground….don’t laugh that has happened. If it does happen hopefully you were on a tarp. So about 12-15 frames worth is all you want to have in each 5 gallon bucket.
  9. Some tool usually a rubber mallet or hammer to put the lid back on the bucket securely. This is not necessary to go buy one, it is just a small thing to help keep your liquid gold closed from ants.
  10. An extra bucket or some sort of container to put your wax cappings that you have cut off each frame. You can drain these in the filter. Your bees will clean this up in less than 48 hours when left in your bee yard at least 50 feet away from the hives for them and don’t do this next to the hive. Spreading them out on a tarp or big piece of cardboard works. I am always amazed at how they can take all that sticky mess and you end up with almost dry wax cappings. Get your camera ready there will be thousands coming for this free honey they take back to the hive.
  11. CLEAN UP…..cleaning the extractor with good hot water, soap, power sprayer will work. Rinse with very hot water. When you return it I will sanitize it for the next user.
  12. Did you have fun, did you smile and most of all did it taste great!!