Member Honey Extractor Use


(for information and how to set up an appointment see below)



Please note: The extraction season runs from June 22nd. to September but is dependent on the weather. The weather has to be dry with temperatures above 75F.


Due to the viral pandemic we ask all members to observe the following safety requirements:

  • PLEASE - No pets allowed and no observers (only club members with appointments may attend, no guests)
  • BONS club members will comply with all COVID-19 precautions
  • Facemasks are required. Please, if you arrive without a mask we may ask you to reschedule. If you have flu-like symptoms please call and reschedule the night before your appointment
  • Gloves are encouraged (2 pair suggested)
  • Six foot separation is difficult but encouraged when possible during the extraction process
  • Blandy's restrooms remain closed, and some normally public areas around buildings and offices also remain closed. Water fountains are not available. Signs are posted encouraging social distancing and use of masks. For everyone's safety, please do not approach staff, students, volunteers and other visitors you may encounter.  Please park at least six feet from other cars.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Use of the BONS Honey Extractor –

Doug Morris, is responsible for the use of the extractor and associated equipment that is stored at Blandy Farm.  
Sam Pitcock, is responsible for extractions at his home, in Winchester.
Use is restricted to current BONS members.  To use the extractor, contact Doug Morris or Sam Pitcock to make an appointment.  Access will depend upon availability and the weather forecast. 
Temperatures must be a sustained 75F or higher for decent honey flow. 

Carry frames to be extracted in a hive body sitting in a top cover or other solid base and covered with a cloth.  After the extraction, the frames will be dripping honey that will attract bees, lots of them. Bring a food grade bucket, preferably with a top cover, for the honey, another container for the wax cappings, and your hive tool.  Also bring newspapers, or similar, to protect cars seats from sticky items.  Drinking water or equivalent is a good idea.
No extractions from frames with uncapped honey because it will cause the stored honey to ferment.

Please be aware: You will be required to stay to wash the equipment and clean up after your extraction session so please plan your time accordingly.

When you srt your appointment be sure you know with some precision how many frames have enough honey for extraction. The minimum number of frames is three (3) to balance the rotating basket.  The maximum number is 20 frames based on the hours required to extract them.  If you have more, then schedule two days for extraction; this is not a fast operation.

All other necessary tools are provided, and beekeeping equipment is definitely not needed or wanted due to lack of working space.