December 2020 Dribble

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DECEMBER More Dribble from the Drone

In case you missed the announcement BONS HAS SUSPENDED DUES FOR 2021. Now you can afford that chrome plated hive tool or whatever you have been coveting!.

Winter certainly has arrived. 22 degrees at my house this morning. As far as what to do with your bees now, they are pretty much on their own at this point. Check the website for a detailed yearlong calendar ( ).  On a warm day you might want to peek in the top. Maybe add some pollen patty. What you can do and this may be jumping the gun, is clean up your supers and frames that aren’t already in use. For the first time ever, I have started and THIS YEAR I’m not going to get caught in the spring scrambling to put together hives for splits and the numerous swarms that there might be. Did you get one of the many this last year?

December’s Unsung Hero

Ed Shideler has been a member of BONS for at least 6 or 7 years and every year he is in the midst of activities helping out. Whether it is standing in a cold barn sorting woodenware, helping new students put together their equipment, subbing for one of the teachers or helping on Field Day, Ed has been there quietly in the background helping to keep BONS running well. Thanks, so much Ed.

Educational meetings- Help with Zoom

Are you reluctant to use Zoom or are you having trouble attending our educational Zoom meetings? If so, help is here. At the bottom of the page (Click here) below the catalog of saved presentations is a section about getting on and using Zoom to participate in our monthly educational Zoom presentations.  Click here  to get to that page. I hope that this helps you get into our educational meetings and brings you much helpful information from our speakers.

December’s speaker is Pam Fisher. She will be talking about sustainability, NUC production and mentoring. Pam teaches beekeeping and is active in several beekeeping organizations. This month’s meeting, Thursday Dec 10, will be preceded by 30 minutes of social/chatting time starting at 6:30. Our speaker will begin at 7:00, the usual time. Here is the Zoom link:

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Bees aren’t the only animals that get viruses.  Stay safe. Mask up.

Bruce Bryant