Remember, you're not dealing with Yogi or Pooh Bear!

Information on Dealing with Bears


Bears are a well known pest of beehives. We provide this page dealing with bear problems, not to scare or deter anyone from starting beekeeping. We provide this information to allow others the knowledge that many beekeepers deal with bears, and it is a problem that can be minimized.

A bee yard hit in New York. While the bear knocked over all the hives, it was not able to access the hives or destroy the colony (straps). (Photo from Chris Harp - New York)
A strap system seems to be the best option without the expense and use of an electric fence. Photo by Ellen McGlynn.
A hive completely destroyed by bears in Alaska. Note the smashed fence. The damage is probably from over a period of time like several nights. Photo - Larry Garrett from Indiana.
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A nuisance bear ultimately needs to be removed. This bear was trapped in the backyard of PennApic member Ellyn McGlynn from Clarks Summit, Pa.
This is the same hive as pictured on the left. Eventually the bear will come back and try again. The bear was successful in tipping over the hive on this attempt. Photo - Ellen McGlynn

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Jill Peters

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Friendly Advice

* If you use a fence, use barbed wire or an electrified fence. You need something that will penetrate the bears fur.

 * Use a strapping system. The heavier, the better.

 * Do not give bears any reason to come on your property. (bird feed, garbage cans, etc.)

 *Once they find hives, do something NOW! They will come back.