BONS - Club Bylaws

Constitution and By-Laws of the Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah

October 13, 2020

Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah



Article I – Name - Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah

The name of the association shall be Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah (BONS) herein referred to as BONS.

Article II – Purposes

Section 1.  Beekeeper Education:  Provide education and assistance to individuals interested in honeybees and beekeeping.

Section 2.  Public Advocacy:  Hold meetings to inform members and non-members of the latest available information on honeybees and beekeeping and provide a forum for people to discuss issues and opportunities.

Section 3.  Develop and maintain liaison with the general public through the media, school programs, and other appropriate ways.  Work to ensure public trust and support for the honeybee and beekeepers.


Article III – Membership

Section 1. Any person interested in honeybees and/or beekeeping may join BONS upon payment of the regular annual dues.

Section 2. Any changes to the dues shall be recommended by the Board of Directors and presented to the membership for approval. Membership year will be from January 1through December 31.

Section 3. All memberships must be renewed annually. Dues are payable on January 1st of each year. Members who have not renewed by March 1 shall be removed from the roll. In order to vote for the election of officers, a member must be in good standing for the current year.


Article IV – Fiscal Year & Meetings

Section 1. BONS shall operate on a calendar year basis.

Section 2. Unless changed by the Board of Directors, educational meetings of BONS shall be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Section 3. An annual business meeting will be held to include election of officers. 

Section 4.  An annual business meeting will include reports from the Treasurer and the Audit Committee and the Nominating Committee. The annual business meeting may be held in conjunction with a regular monthly educational meeting.

Section 5. An agenda for the upcoming meeting shall be announced not less than five (5) days prior to the upcoming meeting.

Section 6. Special meetings may be called by the President or by written request of any five (5) members of BONS to the Board of Directors.

Section 7. Any twenty (20) members in good standing present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A committee requires a majority of its members to constitute a quorum.

Section 8. Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one (1) vote. A Family Membership is entitled to one (1) vote. No vote by proxy is permitted.

Section 9. Payment of all bills shall be made by the Treasurer upon approval of either the President or Vice President.


Article V – Officers and Board of Directors

Section 1. The officers of BONS shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. The President and Vice President shall be elected for two (2) year terms.  The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for one (1) year terms. The President and Vice President shall be limited to two (2) consecutive terms.  The Secretary and Treasurer may continue in office at the discretion of the membership. The terms of officers shall run from June 1 through May 30.

Section 2. The voting members of the Board of Directors of BONS shall consist of the current officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and the Chairs of Communications, Education and Membership Committees.  Past presidents and others appointed ad hoc can serve as advisory but are non-voting members of the Board of Directors. 

Section 3. The Board of Directors shall formulate policies needed for the welfare of BONS, make recommendations at the regular meetings and shall have the responsibility and authority to take actions on behalf of BONS

Section 4. No director or officer of BONS shall receive, directly or indirectly, any salary or compensation for services rendered to this organization as either a director or officer.  Compensation may be provided to club members for specific expenses at the approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 5. A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board of Directors. At least one of these individuals must be either the President or Vice President. 


Article VI – Duties of Officers and Committees

Section 1. The President shall:

  1. The President shall preside over all organization meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors.
  2. The President shall call special meetings of BONS and Board of Directors as needed.
  3. The President shall perform all acts and duties required of an executive and presiding officer including the establishment of various committees, other than those established in the By-laws, which may be required for the proper functioning of BONS.
  4. The President shall have the authority to approve one-time expenditures not exceeding $200.00 for the benefit of BONS.

Section 2. The Vice President shall:

  1. In the absence of the President, or because of disability or inability to serve, the Vice President shall perform all duties of the office.
  2. The Vice President shall be responsible for arranging education meeting programing.
  3. The Vice President shall serve as liaison between chairs of committees and the Board.

Section 3. The Secretary shall:

A. Keep a complete record of all meetings of BONS and its Board of Directors.

B. Make the minutes of a meeting available to all members within 10 days of that meeting.

C. Prepare and send correspondence as directed by the President, the Vice President and/or the Board of Directors. 

Section 4. The Treasurer shall:

A. Sign as Treasurer all checks in payment of bills and other obligations of BONS.

B. Receive and disburse all funds and be custodian of all the accounts of BONS. Deposit all moneys of BONS in the name and to the credit of BONS in such accounts designated by the Board of Directors.

C. Keep a full and accurate account of all financial transactions of BONS in accounting media and deliver such media to each successor of the office, to a designated Audit Committee, and where required by the Board.

D. Provide a monthly report to the membership prior to the next meeting and make a brief financial report at each regular meeting. An annual report of all matters and business pertaining to this office will be made to the members at the annual business meeting and to the Board of Directors as requested.

E. Have the association’s tax returns prepared and submitted in a timely manner

F.  Perform such other duties as required by the Board of Directors.

Section 5. Organization- Committees:

  1. Financial Review Committee: This Committee shall consist of three (3) members, at least one (1) of whom is to be a member of the Board of Directors and act as Chair. The committee shall audit the books of the Treasurer annually and make their report at the annual business meeting.
  2. Communications Chair:
  3. Education Committee: Chair and teachers
  4. Bee procurement Committee
  5. Mentoring Committee
  6. Woodenware Committee
  7. Events Committee
  8. Extracting Committee
  9. Library Coordinator
  10. Membership Chair:
  11. Nominating Committee
  12. Property Coordinator (inventorying the Blandy building, extractors, projectors, tent, tables, etc.)
  13. Other committees as designated by the Board of Directors.
  14. Training Apiary Committee


Article VII – Religion & Politics

BONS shall be nonsectarian and nonpartisan and shall take no action endorsing or condemning any religion or any candidate for public office.


Article VIII – Amendments

Section 1.

These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Council, then ratified by a two-thirds majority vote of members in good standing at the following meeting of BONS, wherein the members shall have been given at least eight (8) days advance notice of the proposed change(s), and the proposed amendment(s) shall have been included in the call for said meeting  meeting.




Below is a link to the original BONS bylaws. 

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