August 2020 Dribble

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I hope all of you beekeepers are staying safe and healthy. This has been the strangest time I've lived through. I hope it moves on with due haste. Enjoying the heat? My bees are spending most of their evenings hanging out on the front of their hives.

As Thursday night's ( August 13 ) Zoom speaker, Zac Lamas, will address, now is the time to be thinking about how healthy and well stocked your hives are. Have you been monnitoring the varroa in your colonies? It is a good way of finding out if you have a problem and need to treat.  Treatments range from IPM methods ( dusting with powdered sugar) all the way through various mild and then harder but very effective chemical treatments. They all have their plusses and minuses. Inaction, though, does have its consequences if varroa have gotten established in your hives.There are numerous resources and references on our website ( ). you can consult if you haven't already made your treatment decision. 

After  the Thursday night meeting, we will be trying a substitute for those all-important informal conversations you have with fellow beekeepers at meetings. If you are interested in participating as listener and participant, stay on Zoom after the speaker has finished answering questions. We can arrange for groups of 5-7 people to be linked together for smaller conversations not involving everyone at the meeting. 

BONS has been invited to participate in several events all of which have been cancelled due to the pandemic. These were going to be at Blandy Farm and at Sky Meadows. I have asked the folks at Blandy if we can possibly have meetings, masked and socially distanced of course, at their amphitheater where we could have live conversations about our bee keeping efforts.

The efforts of many people go into keeping this club up and running. This month I'd like to point out the efforts of our Website masters, Paul Peters and Tim Riggleman, who is also our new VP. They have been adding a lot of information, cleaning up/streamlining the site and helping us to use Zoom to continue with our speaker program.

Varroa has been a scourge that we have had to deal with but there may be some good news on the horizon. A high school student in Connecticut got interested in varroa and has devised a method that may be revolutionary and greatly reduce varroa loads. Here is a link to her research  ( new varoa tool ) .

We always like to know what we are doing right and what can use some improvement. Don't hesitate to email me with your comments ( Bruce Bryant ).

Staying cool,

Bruce Bryant 

The New Drone