August/September 2021 Dribble





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August/September 2021

Dear Members,

It has been fiendishly hot (according to my taste), plants are drying up as is the nectar at this time of year. My bees have been congregating at my kiddy pool for some sorely needed water and the water carrying bees have certainly been busy.

The club has two extractors, one motorized and the other not. The curious thing is that only one of them has been used and by only two people. Does this mean that no one is extracting honey or that everyone has their own or access to a friends extractor? . If the honey is staying on the hives, these will be very well-fed bees come spring time. It's not too late to extract but when it gets below 80, honey doesn't flow so well. 

Live meetings at Blandy? 

Several of us have become very reluctant to attend any indoor event, even masked. The CDC is advising against large meetngs. One of our members has a test-confirmed case of COVID, caught from a fastidious, vaccinated person who was infected but didn't know it.  Given that the local COVID case population (Winchester Medical Center) has gone up from single digits several weeks ago to 31 or 41 today ( I can't remember which) we will not be holding in-person meetings for the time being. We will resume speakers on Zoom in October. For September I suggest that you brush up on things you can do to prepare for winter. We have a page on the Website that presents an excellent month-by-month summary of what is good to look for and do in the months leading up to winter ( Click here). Of primary concern should be the population of varroa mites in your hives. Untreated infestations of varroa before winter are a death knell for your hives. If your mite counts are high, choose your favorite treatment and go after them ruthlessly.

I know Zoom is a drag. It is not my favorite venue for chattting with friends and fellow beekeepers but it is what we have. 

Waiting for a cool fall,