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Murder hornet nest: (click here)
Rare stingless bee:  Plebeia emerina - (click here)

Hive technology update: Scale uses WiFi to monitor hives (click here)

Dominion Electric -  Bee Management Story
Bears - Not Yogi or Pooh Bear
Beyond Property Lines - Impact on Wildlife




National Honey Board & Virginia Honey Label Law
Healthy Honey Bee? How do you spot a healthy honey bee?

Different Varities of Honey  - Here’s a rundown of some of the most common honey choices

Bees Foraging Coverage -   Tool to measure the foraging area of your hive

Flowers that Attract Bees  Honeybee Conservancy
Are Bees Domesticated Stock?  Keeping Backyard Bees 07/21/201‚Äč7
Scientists Explore Why Bees Are Declining in Virginia  MRMA 04/4/2017 
How to Crush Fewer Bees   Keeping Backyard Bees 07/31/2017
A Harvest of Honey  New York Times article 09/10/2017
Pollinator Partnership Bee Issues - Stressors Affecting Bees
Overwintering Success Honeybees Suite 10/2017
Persevering Through Hive Loss Keeping Backyard Bees 02/02/2018
Honeybee Vaccination  Researchers Discover Key to Bee Vaccination - Entomology Today
Honeybee Vaccination World's First Insect Vaccine  Could Help Bees Fight Off Deadly Disease

Invasive Spotted Lanternfly  Potential to wreak havoc on crops in Frederick County

Superbowl of beekeeping 

Small Hive Beetles  Virginia Tech Coopertive Extension 2019 

Asian giant hornet: What’s in it for us?

Attracting Bees

Beginning Beekeeping: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Common Winter Beekeeping Problems

Natural Beekeeping in Your Backyard

Urban Beekeeping: Be a Backyard Beekeeper

‘Its body looked like a warzone.’ Air pollution could kill off critical honey bees in India

Drone-delivered soap bubbles could help pollinate flowers. As pollinators, bees are hard to beat . . .

Deadly virus turns honey bees into
Trojan horses. (click here)

How 'Undertaker' bees recognize dead comrades (click here)

Portrait of an urban beekeeper (click here)
Honey harvesting, catching swarms and some great footage of bees are included in this 20 minute video  

Outyard Article - (Outyard home page) (click here)

Outyard/Natural Beekeeping website (click here)