April 2021 Dribble

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APRIL 2021

For various reasons I am late opening up my hives to see who made it through the winter. The first one I opened was a deadout, presumably starved as dead bees were in a small cluster trying in vain to make enough heat to continue. Of course, the problem here could also have been absence of a queen. On the brighter side, there are 7 more hives with plenty of activity on warm days. 

This month’s speaker is going to be speaking, I hope, about some research that she did at the Virginia Tech Research Center, outside of Winchester. Rusty Foltz and I assisted a little by taking videos of bees returning from foraging laden with pollen.   

April 2021 ZOOM Educational Meeting - 
Thursday, April 8, 2021 -
Member's open discussion time: 6:30 - 7:00 pm -  Join in and chat away!
Guest Speaker Time 7:00 pm  
Speaker: Dr. Maggie Couvillon (VA Tech Entomologist)
Topic: Honey Bee foraging and the waggle dance
Click this ZOOM Invitation


Packages of bees- For those of you who have ordered packages, they should be arriving around April 25. As we get closer to delivery, we will let you know the exact date and time.

Our bee wrangler, Kelly Hoynoski, has been able to increase the size of our order and there are now 6 packages available for purchase on the website. When those are gone there won’t be more until next year.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who came out for Woodenware Day to teach hive building, hand out woodenware and generally hang out.

Speaking of volunteers ………….. Every year BONS puts up a booth at the Blandy May Garden Fair, where the main event is a large Mother's Day plant sale. At our booth, members can sell honey or beeswax products (candles, chunks, etc.). Since public education about bees is one of our club missions, we also talk to the public about bees and beekeeping. It would be nice if we could make a good showing. There are visual aids so beginning or first year keepers can help. You don’t have to remember the whole life cycle of the 3 castes of bees. It is never too early to volunteer to help out at the BONS’ booth. People usually sign up for a 3-4 hr. period. Parking is free if you are working at the booth

Click here to signup:  Volunteer for BONS Booth