A Hive for the Honey Bee

A Hive for The Honeybee
by Lally Soinbhe
0-590-51038-X               (May 1, 2001)

After they befriend two unusual, philosophical drones, worker bees Thora and Belle begin to look at their surroundings, their purpose, and even their future in a new and different way.

When a hive of bees loses its queen, the male drones—Alfred, Mo, the Grand Drone and the rest—quickly form a governing council. The female worker bees, Thora and Belle among them, simply keep preparing the hive for the new virgin queen while feeding and grooming the drones. When the new queen hatches, she quickly asserts her privileges and stings her rivals to death. The drones, disdainful of the constantly toiling workers, sip honey, make laws regulating the movements of the sun, and go queen-questing. 

Mo, the subversive philosopher of the hive, begins to question the way things are. He tries to enlighten Thora and the other worker bees. Alfred, the self-absorbed poet, is not sure change is needed. In the midst of this upheaval, Thora questions her destiny as a worker, and her view of life begins to change. In the bees' brief lives, they experience religious awakenings, but at the end face bitter realities about their predestined fates.