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Live educational meetings at Blandy have been indefinitely postponed
due to COVID-19.  Meetings will resume as restrictions are lifted. 

Until then, we invite you to participate in our monthly Zoom
presentations and explore our website.

The BONS Executive Board has unanimously voted not to collect membership dues for the upcoming 2021 year because we have not been able to meet in person for much of the year due to the coronavirus.  If you are currently a member in good standing (that is, you paid your single or family membership dues for 2020), your membership is extended until December 31, 2021.  Any new or returning member (after a hiatus) joining after January 1, 2021 will be assessed $15.00 dues. 
FYI: membership fees are included in the 2021 new student fee.  If you have any questions, contact Paul Peters (membership committee).


Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah 

We are a group of beekeepers in the northwestern corner of Virginia who are dedicated to increasing public awareness about beekeeping and the valuable role of honey bees in nature and agriculture. We promote the art and science of beekeeping. 
Are you curious about bees, interested in learning about raising bees, or are you already a beekeeper? We'd enjoy meeting you! 



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The Best Beekeeping Advice:
Recently, I’ve been told that the answer to any beekeeping question should begin with, “It depends.” This always makes me grin because the very first blog post I ever wrote—nearly eleven years ago—is titled,Well, it depends.” Read full article (click here)

Member Honey & Handcrafted Hive Products for Sale:
BONS would like to offer you an opportunity to sell your locally produced honey & handcrafted hive products on the club’s website. Send your seller's information or questions to:

Bee Culture Magazine:  
FREE….. Because of the significant change in our lives as a result of COVID-19, many of us are working from home as we ‘social distance’ and quarantine ourselves. Bee Colture has a Digital version of their monthly magazine and are making this available to us at NO COST until the COVID-19 situation is over. Go to and click on the “Latest Issues” tap at the top of the page.



Member Volunteer Opportunity: 
Volunteer beekeeper needed to take care of the apiary at Sky Meadows. Contact Bruce Bryant for details.

Out Yard Opportunities:   
 Interested: click here


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Northern Virginia Honey Bee Annual Cycle
This is a suggested checklist of events in a beekeeper’s year. Weather conditions, hive locations, hive equipment, and the type of bees will influence actions and events throughout the year.
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Due to the continued COVID-19 restrictions all 
BONS community events, service opportunities, 
and live club meetings and activities are postponed.