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09/16/19 08:57 PM #1    


Laurie L. Shifflett

European hornet  recipe that I use, equal amounts

Red cider vinegar

Grape jelly


Warm water to dissolve everything.

Adding a banana peel will repel honey bees.

This will attract, yellow jackets, European hornet, and wax moths. 

As it developes it's fruity scent, you know it's working. I have used both milk jugs and open totes. The problem with open totes is when it rains it can dilute the potion.

You need to keep it 2 inches deep.

09/05/20 02:41 PM #2    


Paul Peters


Good News! - We have a new feature available to club members.  We now have an online calendar (click here) that displays up-to-date club dates and time information, Zoom meeting schedules, other bee presentations, upcoming member service opportunities, and much more. The calendar may be accessed from the website's leftside navigation bar or from the home page (middle area).  You may add this to your addressbook if you choose.

New Email Address -  BONS now has an email address for your convenience.  The email address is: You may find the email link on our home page as well. Please send club suggestions, questions, or requests to this address.  Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate club officer or committee ASAP. We hope this new email ability will help members receive quicker responses and action and allow an open an avenue for better communication.

If you have any issues with these new features or questions on their use please let us know (click here)






11/30/20 12:30 PM #3    


Paul Peters

Announcement regarding the BONS membership renewal for 2021:

The BONS Executive Board has unanimously voted not to collect membership dues for the upcoming 2021 year because we have not been able to meet in person for much of the year due to the coronavirus.  If you are currently a member in good standing (that is, you paid your single or family membership dues for 2020), your membership is extended until December 31, 2021.  Any new or returning member (after a hiatus) joining after January 1, 2021 will be assessed $15.00 dues.  FYI: membership fees are included in the 2021 new student fee.  If you have any questions, contact Paul Peters (membership committee).

12/04/20 06:45 PM #4    

Lynn Tatum

I am moving and due to back trouble, I have reluctantly, decided to end my bee-keeping hobby. 

I have for sale: 3 strong medium hives, one empty medium hive, 2 nucs, extra woodware and medium hive bodies with drawn comb, 4 styrofoam feeders, 1 nuc feeder, fume board, smokers, jackets (2 ladies, 1 xl male).

I also have a solar charger (S40/bear proof).

Message me if you are interested, or email:

I will support you all with good garden practices and buying local honey!

Thanks to you all,

Lynn Tatum 


Thanks to you all for your interest, I did connect with someone to adopt my bees!

12/13/20 01:10 AM #5    


Paul Peters


Folks, we have a new librarian, Rick Garfola,
and he needs your assistance. 

BONS Members,

The BONS Library is up and running.  All the books have been cataloged, however, we are missing the following titles:

Beekeeping For Dummies, Howland Blackiston, 2009
Queen Rearing Essentials, Lawrence John Conner, 2009
The Beekeepers Bible, Richard Jones, date unknown
Simple Smart Beekeeping, Kirsten and Michael Traynor, 2015

Please check to see if any of these books might have gotten mixed in with your personal library.  If you have any of the missing books, please email me at and we can set up a time and place to meet. Additionally, we are always looking for books and other beekeeping-related reading material to expand our library. I appreciate all donations.

Remember, the winter time is a great time to do some reading and research.

Thank you for your time. 
Rick Garfola, 
BONS Librarian 

PS. Donations are always welcome

12/16/20 02:34 AM #6    


Paul Peters

January ZOOM Educational  Meeting -
Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 

Member Only Access available now
Speaker: Amanda Bly, Regional Bee Inspector 
TopicApiary inspection and certification. Travel and certificates for transporting bees across state lines

01/11/21 02:16 PM #7    


Paul Peters

BONS Monthly Newsletter

Club newsletters are emailed once a month to all members who have entered their email address while registering for the BONS website. If you have not been receiving a newsletter please contact Paul Peters.
Newsletters are only available through email.

Newsletters (click here) for full index

January 2021 only newsletter - (click here)

01/12/21 12:44 PM #8    


Paul Peters

Help our club get noticed!

01/15/21 04:43 PM #9    


Paul Peters

February 2021 ZOOM Educational Meeting - 
Thursday, February 11, 2021 -
Member's open discussion time: 6:30 - 7:00 pm -  Join in and chat away!
Guest Speaker Time 7:00 pm  

Speaker: TBA
Topic: TBA 
ZOOM Invitation: 

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