BONS Leadership



The people who serve on the executive committee and/or hold committee positions are volunteers. They donate their time and talents to the club.




John F. O'Connor  - President  
Married to my high school Sweetheart, Jeana.
Originally from Charleston, South Carolina.
Strangest place I've lived: Herat, Afghanistan

Craziest thing I've done: Jumped from a helium ballon in Belguim (twice)
Hobbies include: beekeeping, r
emodeling homes, and farming

Bruce Bryant  -Vice President 
Retired to the Shenandoah Valley from Philadelphia 7 years ago and realized immediately what a wise decision that was. Soon after arriving I stumbled on an ad for beekeeping classes given by BONS and the rest is history. 
This history includes my wife and son and on 8 acres my bees, alpacas, mini pigs, goats and an occasional garden.

Judy Kay Schroer -Treasurer      
Virginia resident since 1992
John Schroer
Mother of 2 teenage boys
Hobbies include: scuba diving & running

Michele Dynes   -Secretary
Moved to Paris Virginia in 2014
Husband: Richard Dynes
Mother of 2 and a household of 1 dog, 1 cat, & about 150,000 bees!
Hobbies include: reading, painting, & all things nature

John Lewis -Education Coordinator 



Paul Peters - Membership Coordinator/Website Committee
Moved to Winchester 2008 form Loudoun County.
Both Jill and I are life-long Virginia residents
Wife: Jill Peters
Hobbies: beekeeping, web design




The BONS membership wishes to recognize and extend an enormous and heartfelt thank you to our past presidents for their time, talent, and expertise.

Good leaders know that it's not about them - It's about the club, the members, and the work the club does!

2016-2018 Charles Brown

2014-2016 Rusty Foltz

2012-2014 Randy & Candy Jackson

2010-2012 Doug & Ramona Morris

2008-2010 John Lewis

2006-2008 David Black

2005-2006 Mike Rininger

Founding President, John Lewis 2003