Queen Rearing

Queen Rearing Training

In 2018, BONS will again sponsor a queen rearing class.  It went very well in 2017.  This is a skill needed to advance in beekeeping.

The class will cover...

> Basics in Honeybee queen biology,

> Timing and necessary steps in queen rearing, 

> Methods for larvae transfer.  Two methods of larvae transfer are presented.  Randy Jackson teaches the Jenter method; John Lewis teaches the traditional grafting method.

> Use of starter and finisher colonies. 

The class is open to beekeepers with three or more years of experience. 

This 2018 class will be held on Saturday, June 2.  9am to 1pm.    

       @ 114 Jeb Drive, Winchester 

Please contact John Lewis if you'd like to attend.  His email contact is on the Beginning Beekeeping page.