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DO IT NOW -Monthly Reminder
Northern Virginia Honeybee Annual Cycle - a month to month checklist of events in a beekeeper's year. Weather conditions, hive locations, hive equipment, and the type of bees will influence actions and events throughout the year. 

Varroa Management Decision Tool
Welcome to the Honey Bee Health Coalition’s Varroa Management Tool: Helping beekeepers make informed varroa management and treatment decisions. This tool will walk you through the decisions you need to make to determine how best to manage varroa mites in your hives. 

Beehive Distribution Program
The Virginia General Assembly created the Beehive Grant Fund (Fund) for the purpose of promoting the establishment of new beehives in the Commonwealth.

Common Topics of Interest
 Articles and videos helpful to your beekeeping experience!

A Beginner's Guide to Walk-Away Splits
Are you splitting your colonies for the first time?   Check out our beginner's tutorial on walk-away splits! 

Beekeeping Laws in Virginia
Virginia utilizes a bee law which implements apiary inspections. Their apiary inspection program regulates the sale of bees and used bee equipment. All honey bees on combs, hives and equipment with combs must be accompanied by a certificate of health issued by the Office of Plant Industry Services prior to being sold in Virginia. They do this to reduce the spread of disease. 

Pollinator Protection Plan
As the state’s lead agency for pesticide regulation, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), in cooperation with agency stakeholders, developed Virginia’s Voluntary Plan to Mitigate the Risk of Pesticides to Managed Pollinators (also known as the Pollinator Protection Plan). The development of Virginia’s Voluntary Plan to Mitigate the Risk of Pesticides to Managed Pollinators (Plan)is part of a national effort by state and federal agencies to help reverse pollinator losses and restore pollinator populations.

Online Penn State Pollinator Series   Very Limited Time  June - July!
Penn State will be offering a Pollinator Webinar Series, Wednesdays at 3:00 pm, starting on June 3!  Registration required, but the webinars are free and open to all.  

Gardening for Bees
Want to save the bees? This task is far more complicated than you might guess

Bee Research Lab - bee analysis Samuel K. Abban
Samuel. K. Abban, Biological Science Tech.
10300 Baltimore Avenue
BRL, Bldg. 306, BARC-E
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone: 301-504-8821
webpage: Bee Research Laboratory : USDA ARS 

The Bee Research Lab conducts research to improve the health of honey bee colonies and help the beekeeping industry maintain an adequate healthy supply of bees for the pollination of crops.

State Apiary Inspector:
Keith Tignor
Apiary Inspector, Northern Region
VA Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Phone: 804-786-3515

Building Frames and Supers

FAQs - Bee Inquisitiive!


Beekeeping Glossary

Beekeeping Clubs and Organizations in Virginia

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