Out Yard Opportunities


INTERESTED: Carla Giacomangeli has property available to place hives in Millwood.  Contact her directly at Carla Giacomangeli

INTERESTED: Ron and Jennifer Gustafson of Berryville, are looking for anyone wanting to place hives.  Contact them directly at 703-309-2746. 

INTERESTED: in working with a farmer to keep hives on his property with fruit trees on Rt.17 off Rt. 50 in Fauquier County? Contact Doug/Ramona Morris 540-592-3873‚Äč

INTERESTED: in working your hives on a non-member host property:   Robert Tripp, 2879 Leeds Manor Road, Markham,VA 22843  510-331-0306  trippinnova@gmail.com

INTERESTED: in working with a non-member host to keep your hives on their property: Karin Cummings, 10955 Blake Lane, Bealton, VA 22712  517-435-4049  fire11fly@gmail.com

INTERESTED: Oak Spring Garden Foundation has land available for Beekeeper(s)!

Oak Spring Garden Foundation is seeking beekeepers looking for land to place their hives and/or expand their operation. We have had a beekeeper in the past and have limited hive boxes available for the beekeeper’s use, but we are uncertain of the status of our hives at this time. The ideal beekeeper will communicate clearly with OSGF staff as needed, but ultimately operate independently; they will be responsible for all care, upkeep, and management of the hives. Interested beekeepers will be able to tour the property and determine the placement of their hives. OSGF staff will be available to coordinate and carry-out land management (mowing, fencing, etc.) around the hives. 

OSGF is interested in establishing hives in support of our land stewardship agenda. We believe our gardens, trees, pasture, and woodlands provide healthy and diverse habitats for bees and we look forward to sharing our land with a beekeeper. OSGF is interested in purchasing the honey from the hives in exchange for free use of the land.

About the property: The Oak Spring estate comprises 700 acres set in the Virginia hunt country and flanked by the Bull Run and Blue Ridge Mountains. OSGF is actively stewarding the land, already protected by Paul and Bunny Mellon as part of a conservation easement, to one day exemplify sustainable land management practices and provide ample opportunities for horticulture, arboriculture and sustainable agriculture. The property includes a formal garden that is managed by a team of experienced gardeners and extensive plantings of fruit trees. We are currently executing a number of reforestations, meadow conversion, and pollinator habitat projects as well.

If you are interested in placing hives at OSGF or have further questions, please contact hannah@osgf.org. We are more than happy to arrange visits for prospective beekeepers to tour the property and inspect our existing hives.