BONS Committee Members


The people who serve on the executive committee and/or hold committee positions are volunteers. They donate their time and talents to the club.








John Lewis -Education Coordinator 
Bio to follow

Doug Koch -  Communication & Website Coordinator
Beekeeping since 2008 with 2-7 hives depending on the year.  Retired from the food industry have lived in NJ, NY, SD, MN, AL, and now  Winchester VA for 30 years, still not a local though. Married 46 years two children, 5 grandkids including twin girls. Reason for beekeeping is we lost our standard poodle of 16 years and wanted a pet.....or 40,000+.
Originated woodenware purchase/weekend; Assisted with website beginning; Mentor to many;  believer in TEAMWORK.  Other Activities: Volunteers at WMC; Enjoy baking bread from scratch with yeast or sourdough; Gardening and sharing plants with others.
Paul Peters - Membership Coordinator/& Webmaster
Moved to Winchester 2008 from Loudoun County. 
Dental laboratory owner for 36 years, now retired
Wife: Jill Peters - High School environmental science teacher, department chairman, and past BONS treasurer
3 children, 13 grandchildren
Both Jill and I are life-long Virginia residents.
Hobbies: beekeeping, web design, woodworking  

Kelly Hoynoski   - Bee Package Coordinator & Libarian
Born Upstate NY - Moved to Northern Virginia 1990 and settled in Front Royal in 1996.
Lives with her husband and son an a small plot. She has been a RN for 34 yrs and was a Registered Echocatdiologist for 25 yrs. She currently a School Nurse at present, and will work part time as substitute school Nurse next Fall.
She is in her 5th yr as a beekeeper. She enjoys using hive products to make soaps, lotions, balms and candles. Other interests include cooking, gardening, raising chickens, spinning animal fibers, listening to live music. She volunteers on regular basis working with People who have visual impairments for an organization known as N.O.A.H. The National Organization of Albinism and Hypipigmentation.

Dennis Ridings - Woodenware Coordinator
Bio to follow


VACANT - Extractor Coordinator

Laurie Shifflett  - Club Photographer

Bio to follow

VACANT - Media Coordinator
VACANT - Club Property Coordinator
Bio to follow





Virginia Bee Laws

Contact :

Keith Tignor
State Apiarist