Beekeeping Laws in Virginia


Virginia utilizes a bee law which implements apiary inspections. Their apiary inspection program regulates the sale of bees and used bee equipment. All honey bees on combs, hives and equipment with combs must be accompanied by a certificate of health issued by the Office of Plant Industry Services prior to being sold in Virginia. They do this to reduce the spread of disease.



§ 3.2-4400


§ 3.2-4401

Powers and duties of the Board

§ 3.2-4402

State Apiarist

§ 3.2-4403

Duties of beekeepers

§ 3.2-4404

Duty to notify the State Apiarist of diseased bees

§ 3.2-4405

Entry permit required to bring bees and used bee equipment into Commonwealth; inspection

§ 3.2-4406

Certificate of health to accompany bees in combless packages brought into Commonwealth

§ 3.2-4407

Certificate of health to accompany bill of sale

§ 3.2-4408

Rearing package bees and queens for sale

§ 3.2-4409

Right of entry for inspection and enforcement

§ 3.2-4410

Measures to eradicate and control bee diseases; appeal

§ 3.2-4411

Abandoned apiaries

§ 3.2-4411.1

Apiaries; limitation on liability

§ 3.2-4412


§ 3.2-4413

Costs of administering chapter

§ 3.2-4414

Violation of chapter

§ 3.2-4415

Beehive Grant Fund

§ 3.2-4416

Beehive distribution program