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Dominion Electric -  Bee Management Story
Bears - Not Yogi or Pooh Bear
Beyond Property Lines - Impact on Wildlife




National Honey Board & Virginia Honey Label Law
Healthy Honey Bee? How do you spot a healthy honey bee?
Bees Foraging Coverage -   Tool to measure the foraging area of your hive
Flowers that Attract Bees  Honeybee Conservancy
Are Bees Domesticated Stock?  Keeping Backyard Bees 07/21/201‚Äč7
Scientists Explore Why Bees Are Declining in Virginia  MRMA 04/4/2017 
How to Crush Fewer Bees   Keeping Backyard Bees 07/31/2017
A Harvest of Honey  New York Times article 09/10/2017
Pollinator Partnership Bee Issues - Stressors Affecting Bees
Luring Hornets Controlling Asian hornets 10/12/2017
Overwintering Success Honeybees Suite 10/2017
Persevering Through Hive Loss Keeping Backyard Bees 02/02/2018
Honeybee Vaccination  Researchers Discover Key to Bee Vaccination - Entomology Today
Honeybee Vaccination World's First Insect Vaccine Could Help Bees Fight Off Deadly Disease

Invasive Spotted Lanternfly  Potential to wreak havoc on crops in Frederick County