200 Level Instruction

Intermediate Beekeeping 

BONS offers "200 level" beekeping classes each spring and summer.  These classes are topic based, with the topics changing from year to year.  

In 2019, the Intermediate Class will include the following:


BONS Beekeeping 200 - Swarm Essentials

April 6th, 10am-12pm

Kernstown Battlefield Classroom

Instructor: Rusty Foltz


This class will talk about bee swarms; Ecology, Management and Sustainability. Designs for swarm traps will be provided as well as discussions on placement of swarm traps. The book Swarm Essentials by Stephen Repasky will be provided in the registration fee. Snacks and drinks provided. Class size is limited to 15 students. Cost of class - $30. There will an opportunity for a "field trip" to Mackintosh Fruit Farms Apiary to observe swarm box hive stands in action.


Books available for sale by Rusty Foltz(540-303-1660)
Stephen Repasky - Swarming Essentials
Online up to $25...available from Rusty for $15.
Easy read and very informative